How To choose Best Ski Jackets for Women

Women these days are lucky since they have skiing clothing that is made especially for them and for this sport. In the old days, women often had to ski in their long dresses, making it more dangerous and sometimes comical to look at. These days, women have their pick of the different kinds of women’s ski pants, ladies best ski jackets, and ladies ski boots to wear when indulging in the sport.Women's-ski-jacket

Fabric Type and Description

Before you decide on picking best ski jackets from the line of ladies ski jackets that you see in a ski clothing store, you might want to know what the fabric name, what the label description, and abbreviations say about the jacket you are looking at. Here are some of the more commonly used fabrics and descriptions on the ski jackets for the ladies:

  1. DWR. This is short for durable water repellent. This means a finish that keeps water from absorbing into the jacket is applied to the fabric that is found on the outside of this particular jacket. Jackets that have DWR on the label simply lets water roll off the fabric on the outside
  2. Breathability. You may have heard of this term time and again. When ladies ski jackets have this term on the label, it basically means that the jacket is warm enough for skiing but allows the moisture inside, sweat for example, to pass through its construction and out of the jacket.
  3. Microporous Fabric. This is the kind of fabric that puts the term “breathability” to good use. This kind of fabric used for ski jackets actually have microscopic pores that allow evaporating perspiration to vaporize through the jacket.
  4. Ripstop Fabric. The name actually says it all. Ripstop fabric made ladies ski jackets are made with fabric that has faint lines that crisscross within the fabric, making the jacket safe from getting huge tears.
  5. Hydrophilic Fabric. Jackets with this fabric found in the outer layer are said to attract moisture to move to the surface of the jacket. This is done with the help of molecular chains that do just that.

Tips for Buying Ladies Ski Jackets

When choosing a jacket to buy for skiing, you might want to consider more than the color, the design or the brand of the jacket. Here are some of the points you might want to consider when you need to choose one of the many ladies ski jackets available in the market:

  1. Durability. Even the best skiers have a fall once in a while. Try to see if the jacket you like is durable enough to withstand the spills and falls when skiing.
  2. Right Fit. Don’t get a jacket that is either too big or too small for you. Choose one that can allow you to layer for more warmth when days are colder and to wear the jacket snugly alone when days are warmer.
  3. Breathability. Skiing is an active sport therefore you are liable to sweat underneath your jacket. A breathable jacket is your best choice for letting body heat and sweat evaporate from your body when it comes to choosing from an array of ladies ski jackets.

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